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February 22 – 25, 2017
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, IN
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Moro Vacuum Pumps.

Air Cooled

Series: Air Cooled

Industrial duty bearings, seals and low operating speed. Available in 3 models.

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Fan Cooled

Series: Fan Cooled

Continuous duty dual fan-cooled vacuum pump. Available in 4 models.

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Liquid Cooled

Series: Liquid Cooled

Recommended for heavy duty continuous use applications.


  • Sealed bearings - no grease points
  • Direct feed, sealed oiling system

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moro distributers


Moro PM60A Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM60A
Weight265 lbs.
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Moro PM70A Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM70A
Weight309 lbs.
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Moro PM80A Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM80A
Weight357 lbs.
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Moro PM70T Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM70T
Weight350 lbs.
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Moro PM80T Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM80T
Weight400 lbs.
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Moro AC5T Vacuum Pump

Item#: AC5
Weight441 lbs.
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Moro PM100T Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM100T
Weight550 lbs.
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Moro PM80W Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM80W
Weight480 lbs.
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Moro PM110W Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM110W
Weight645 lbs.
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Moro PM2000 Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM2000
Weight1034 lbs.
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Moro PM3000 Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM3000
Weight1177 lbs.
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Moro M9 Vacuum Pump

Item#: M9
Weight970 lbs.
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Moro PM200 Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM200
Weight970 lbs.
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Moro HM36 Vacuum Pump

Item#: HM36
Weight1323 lbs.
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Moro HM46 Vacuum Pump

Item#: HM46
Weight1587 lbs.
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