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For over 60 years, Moro has been the premier full service industrial vacuum equipment supplier in the US. We continue to provide sales and service for the entire line of Moro products including vacuum pumps, washdown & plunger pumps. In addition, we offer custom built "Bolt & Go" pump packages including gas and diesel engine driven pump packages.

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Sales and Service

We provide the absolute finest before and after sales support for our products. We understand the industry inside and out. Our sales technicians alone have over 75 years of combined experience in the industrial pump industry.

Moro pumps are used all over the world in various industries including wastewater, environmental, agriculture, and oil & gas drilling and mining.

Moro/Farid Industries History

The history of Moro starts out from the skill and industry of an individual craftsman. At the beginning of the last century Lorenzo Moro hit on the idea of diverting a waterway beside his workshop to obtain energy to power a mechanical hammer. He used this to manufacture carts and agricultural machinery.

Moro Italy Facility

In 1946 Moro began producing barrels/tanks for agricultural use.

In 1952 the company produced its first vacuum pumps and eight years later, in 1960, began making industrial jetting systems.

In 1965 Moro became world leader in the production of vacuum pumps.

In 1970 the company expanded its operations to the earth-moving sector. In the 80s and 90s it diversified further, introducing new products destined for municipal cleaning applications.

Moro Italy Facility

In 2005, Farid Industrie S.p.A.with 770 employees and 4 factories worldwide purchased Moro making major investments in equipment and new products making them a leader in the industry.

Courtesy Kaiser AG.

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