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Ron's Septic Tank Service

Ron's Septic Tank Service serves residential and commercial customers around the Paducah, Kentucky area.

When the company recently added a new pumper truck to their fleet of trucks they were looking for a complete vacuum pump solution that was both easy to install and reliable enough to handle the huge volumn of work that the truck would be used for over the years.

Ron's Septic Tank Service turned to Moro USA to provide that solution.

Primarily used on truck-mounted liquid handling systems and other heavy industrial applications, right angle pump bundle packages offer quick installation and minimal replacement time.

All Moro vacuum pumps can be delivered in pre-assembled pump packages for quick installation.
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The Option III package that Ron's Septic Tank Service had installed on their new pumper truck included a gear box, coupling assembly, secondary trap, oil catch muffler, and vacuum pressure relief valves & gauges.

Ron chose a Moro 100T fan cooled vacuum pump for his pump package that was mounted on a heavy duty powder coated metal base. The entire package was assembled and tested at the Moro assembly facility so that when shipped to Ron's shop it only needed to be bolted up to the pumper truck and it was ready for service.

Read about how Moro pumps are used all over the world in wastewater, environmental, agriculture, and oil & gas drilling and mining industries.

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