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All Moro vacuum pumps require vacuum/pressure reliefs for safety. Pressure relief set: Max 5 psi - non code tanks.

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Moro PM60A Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM60A


The Moro PM60A air cooled vacuum pump is used in small industrial applications. The PM60A can be easily mounted on a truck frame and connected to the truck drive system. The PM60A has a cast iron body and employs radial rotary Kevlar vanes to provide vacuum/pressure and a direct feed sealed oiling system.

The PM60A produces free air flow of 254 cfm at 1400 rpm.

CCW rotation, 1100 RPM: Part#: 6.211003400-1
CCW rotation, 1100 RPM:Part#: 6.211003410-1
CCW rotation, 540 RPM:Part#: 6.211003410-1

Industrial duty bearings, seals and low operating speed. Available in 3 models.
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  • Large, open ported manifold, design reduces noise and air friction
  • High performance, Kevlar vanes with visual inspection ports in casing
  • High quality Viton oil seals - longer life than traditional oil seals
  • Low rotating speed leads to longer pump life
  • Sealed bearings - no grease points
  • 29 psi positive pressure capability
  • Direct feed, sealed oiling system

Performance Specifications

Free air capacitycfm254
Air capacity at 15" Hg/50% vacuumcfm189
Max. VacuumHg (in.)28
Max. Pressurepsig29
Power required at 15" of vacuumhp10
Power required at max. pressurehp29
Rotation speedrpm1100
Oil tank capacityquart(us)4
Oil consumptiongal (US)/Hr0.042
Sound pressure at 7 meters (23 ft) 60% vacuumdB77
Air Flow
@15" Hg.
Tank Size
1400 252 cfm 189 cfm 500-2500 Gallons
1250 225 cfm 169 cfm
*1100 198 cfm 149 cfm
*Recommended R.P.M.

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