Moro provides sales and service for the entire line of Moro products including Moro vacuum pumps, washdown & plunger pumps. We also offer custom built "Bolt & Go" pump packages including gas and diesel engine driven pump packages.

Sales & Service

Our sales technicians are ready to assist you 24/7 with our unmatched after-sales customer service and support.

To speak to our sales team,
Call us toll free at 800-383-6304.

Vacuum Pump Building Process
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News & Events

The Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show (WWETT) in Indianapolis last week was a great success. Thanks to everyone for stopping by our booth. We hope we were able to help you learn more about our products. Our sales team got great responses about a new Kaiser Liquid Ring Pump that we showcased at the show this year. KAISER developed the first lightweight water-ring air pump in the world for mobile use in the 1980s. Check back soon as we add the Kaiser Liquid Ring Pump to our online catalog. In the mean time, if you'd like to learn more about the Kaiser Liquid Ring Pump just give our Moro USA sales team a call at 800-383-6304.

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Moro Vacuum Pumps.

Air Cooled

Series: Air Cooled

Industrial duty bearings, seals and low operating speed. Available in 3 models.

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Fan Cooled

Series: Fan Cooled

Continuous duty dual fan-cooled vacuum pump. Available in 4 models.

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Liquid Cooled

Series: Liquid Cooled

Recommended for heavy duty continuous use applications.


  • Sealed bearings - no grease points
  • Direct feed, sealed oiling system

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Moro PM60A Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM60A
Weight265 lbs.
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Moro PM70A Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM70A
Weight309 lbs.
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Moro PM80A Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM80A
Weight357 lbs.
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Moro PM70T Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM70T
Weight350 lbs.
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Moro PM80T Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM80T
Weight400 lbs.
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Moro AC5 Vacuum Pump

Item#: AC5
Weight441 lbs.
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Moro PM100T Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM100T
Weight550 lbs.
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Moro PM80W Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM80W
Weight480 lbs.
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Moro PM110W Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM110W
Weight645 lbs.
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Moro PM2000 Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM2000
Weight1034 lbs.
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Moro PM3000 Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM3000
Weight1177 lbs.
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Moro M9 Vacuum Pump

Item#: M9
Weight970 lbs.
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Moro PM200 Vacuum Pump

Item#: PM200
Weight970 lbs.
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Moro HM36 Vacuum Pump

Item#: HM36
Weight1323 lbs.
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Moro HM46 Vacuum Pump

Item#: HM46
Weight1587 lbs.
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