Moro Pump Comparison Chart

Use the chart below as a guide to help you select a pump.

Vacuum Pumps

Air CooledCFMPSIWeightHoseCooling
PM60A Vacuum Pump25429265 lbs.3"Air
PM70A Vacuum Pump33229309 lbs.3"Air
PM80A Vacuum Pump42429357 lbs.3"Air
Fan CooledCFMPSIWeightHoseCooling
PM70T Vacuum Pump29221.7350 lbs.3"Dual Fans
PM80T Vacuum Pump41429400 lbs.3"Dual Fans
AC5T Vacuum Pump54414.5441 lbs.Dual Fans
PM100T Vacuum Pump46029550 lbs.4" FlangeDual Fans
Liquid CooledCFMPSIWeightHoseCooling
M9 Vacuum Pump54714.5970 lbs.4"Liquid
PM200 Vacuum Pump67814.5970 lbs.4" FlangeLiquid
HM36 Vacuum Pump125414.51323 lbs.6" FlangeLiquid
HM46 Vacuum Pump164214.51587 lbs.6" FlangeLiquid
Liquid Cooled : W SeriesCFMPSIWeightHoseCooling
PM80W Vacuum Pump42429480 lbs.3"Liquid
PM110W Vacuum Pump57929645 lbs.3"/4"Liquid
Liquid Cooled : Storm SeriesCFMPSIWeightHoseCooling
PM2000 Vacuum Pump833291034 lbs.4" FlangeLiquid
PM3000 Vacuum Pump1001291177 lbs.4" FlangeLiquid
Liquid RingCFMPSIWeightHoseCooling

Washdown Pumps

DC SeriesGPMPSIVoltsAmpsImpeller
DC - Stainless Steel Washdown Pump20421285Stainless steel
DC - Cast Iron Washdown Pump20421285Stainless steel

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