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    Manufacturer: RIV

    RIV 3" Tank Sight Eye Assembly

    Item# MMA251
    This RIV 3" Tank Sight Glass Assembly comes with a neoprene o-ring, a Pyrex lens, and a steel weldable base. RIV sight glasses are constructed with endurance in mind by using heavy duty steel to craft the base of the sight glass assembly, an unbreakable Pyrex lens, and a neoprene o-ring to ensure a leakproof seal. The durability of this sight glass makes it great for initial purchase or replacement.
    • Includes: Heavy duty lens, steel weldable base, and a neoprene o-ring

    Most orders ship within 1 business day from our Union, MO or Pittsburgh, PA warehouse locations.

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    • Includes: Heavy duty lens, steel weldable base, and a neoprene o-ring
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    2-1/2" Liquid Filled Bottom Mount Vacuum/Pressure Gauge

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    Not only does the liquid inside of these gauges help control the effects of vibrations, but the liquid also acts as a lubricant for the moving parts of the gauge. All of those factors plus stainless-steel with reinforced thermo plastic construction makes this one of the most durable gauges for purchase.

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