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    Manufacturer: Moro USA

    2" Heavy Duty T-Bolt Hose Clamps

    Item# Clamp-916
    The 2" T-Bolt Heavy Duty Hose Clamp is intended to attach hoses to fittings preventing flow leakage. Their intuitive design allows for uniform pressure over the outside of the hoses providing an even seal around the connection.

    These are suitable for many industries but commonly used in automotive, electronic, and industrial applications.
    • Adjustable 2-11/32" - 2-15/32"
    • 2" clamp
    • 1" width 
    • Zinc plated carbon steel

    Most orders ship within 1 business day from our Union, MO or Pittsburgh, PA warehouse locations.

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    • Adjustable 2-11/32" - 2-15/32"
    • 2" clamp
    • 1" width 
    • Zinc plated carbon steel
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