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    Hose Reel Replacement Parts

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    Hannay Reels® 1/2 in. Hub Assembly

    The hub assembly is the heart of the hose reel. It includes the outlet riser, the reel axle, and the threaded inlet to which the swivel joint is attached. The swivel joint permits the reel to rotate freely while connected to the fluid source. The outlet riser is engineered to conform to the contour of the drum so the hose lies smoothly against the drum without kinking. Smooth interior surfaces are flow-contoured for unrestricted flow and minimal pressure loss through the reel.

    Hannay Reels® Hose Roller Guides

    Stainless steel rollers and cast alloy brackets for use on the reel, on cabinet door openings, truck platforms, and similar locations where sharp edges may cut or damage hose/cable. The roller guides will extend hose life, protect your vehicle from hose rub damage, and make hose rollout much easier.

    Assembly C Bracket Top Wind (1520 Models)

    Top wind mount bracket complete for assembly C or C2 roller for 1500/1600 series with hardware.

    Hannay Reels® SCBW Mounting Bracket for 1500-Style Frame

    The Hannay mounting bracket for the SCBW-25 and SCBW-40 electric switch assembly. It comes with two 1/4"-20 x 1/2" self-tap screws and is designed for the 1500-style frame.

    Hannay Reels® Circuit Breaker, Switch, & Weather-Resistant Box

    The Hannay 9917-0336 is a weather-resistant electric switch assembly. It has a 40-amp circuit breaker, switch, and weather-resistant box. It works with the 9917-0330 mounting bracket and the 1500, 1800, and 4000 series with the AN-227 motor.

    Hannay Reels® #3420 Schrader Valve for #4 Air Motor

    The Hannay 9919-0004 is a Schrader valve for a #4 air motor. It is made in the USA.

    Hose Reel Replacement Parts

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