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    Manufacturer: RIV

    Sight Glass/Sight Bowl for RIV Secondary Trap

    Item# MMA20212
    RIV Sight Glass for a secondary trap. This sight glass is made out of Makrolon® poly-carbonate material, making it durable in both high and low temperatures, impact resistant, and lightweight.
    • Clear Mackrolon®
    • Threaded
    • Replacement sight bowl for MMA202 and MMA204

    Most orders ship within 1 business day from our Union, MO or Pittsburgh, PA warehouse locations.

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    • Clear Mackrolon®
    • Threaded
    • Replacement sight bowl for MMA202 and MMA204
    • Clear Mackrolon®
    • Threaded
    • Replacement sight bowl for MMA202 and MMA204
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    O-Ring Seal for RIV Secondary Trap

    This product is a long lasting single gasket replacement for the RIV secondary trap.

    #9 Flex Gear Style Coupling Insert

    Neoprene Rubber

    Dependable coupling hub offering quiet and clean performance. This is a very low maintenance sleeve coupling requiring no lubrication when installing. The 4-way flex on this coupling insert absorbs shock, misalignment, and end float. Complete the assembly with two coupling hub components.

    3/4" Drain Valve Petcock for RIV Secondary Traps

    These Petcock Valves (ball valves) connect to the RIV Secondary Trap. They provide a hose connection for drainage, and includes a shut-off lever.

    RIV 2" Sight Glass with O-Ring

    The RIV 2" Sight Glass with an O-Ring is used as a replacement part for the sight glass assembly (MMA250). RIV sight glass parts are constructed with endurance in mind by using a heavy-duty polycarbonate lens and a neoprene o-ring to ensure a leakproof seal. The durability of this sight glass makes it great for your sight glass replacement.

    RIV 2 Gallon Secondary Shutoff with 2" Connections

    Maximum 250 CFM

    RIV secondary vacuum system shutoff is designed to backup primary shutoff & keep debris out of pump. Maximum 250 CFM. 2" secondary trap (50mm).

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