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    Moro USA Vacuum Pump Oil Case

    6 Gallons in a Case


    When you are using Moro Kaiser Air, Fan, and Liquid-Cooled Vacuum Pumps, don’t settle for anything less than the best: Use premium ISO 100 Moro USA Vacuum Pump Oil. This high-performance vacuum pump oil is specially formulated for our top-of-the-line vacuum pumps.

    Pump oil is an essential component for your industrial vacuum pump. Vacuum pump oil, or vacuum pump fluid, is a refined, highly viscous mineral oil that coats the interior of the pump chamber, including vanes and other components, to form the air-tight seal necessary for the evacuation process. Our heavy-duty oil also works to lubricate and reduce friction from moving parts. Quality vacuum oil is a vital part of protecting your pump from corrosion and oxidation.

    All-weather vacuum pump oil is designed to maintain viscosity under a range of temperatures, eliminating any worry that this vacuum fluid will break down and lose effectiveness in different climates or during cold or hot seasons. This high-viscosity ISO 100 grade oil clings tightly to your machinery, keeping moving parts friction-free for extended periods.

    With special chemical agents to combat sludge, buildup, and other deposits, Moro USA ISO 100 Vacuum Pump Oil isn’t just an accessory: It is the best choice for keeping your septic truck vacuum pump clean and in peak working condition.

    1 Case (6 U.S. Gallon (3.785 L))

    Also available individually: Moro USA Vacuum Pump Oil 1 Gallon

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