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    What is a vacuum pump?

    The purpose of a vacuum pump is to evacuate an enclosure, such as a tank. A rotary vane vacuum pump achieves this by means of centrifugal force.

    What is a rotary vane vacuum pump?

    In a rotary vane vacuum pump, several thin rectangular pieces of material (the vanes) are rotated at high speed so that they rub against the interior of the pump case to produce air flow. The material used for these vanes will vary. Moro vacuum pumps use high strength Kevlar vanes.

    What size vacuum pump do I need?

    Typically, vacuum pumps come in different models with each designed for a specific requirement. Manufacturers make pump recommendations for tank size that you can use as a guideline when selecting your pump. These recommendations are based on various factors including CFM (cubic feet per minute). CFM indicates the volume of air that the pump can move. If you need help sizing a pump for your application you my call us at 866-383-6304 (US only) or 636-584-8844 to speak to one of our pump experts who will be more than happy to help.

    We'll need to know, how big is your vacuum tank, what is the application--are you pumping septic tanks, food grease traps, car washes or skimming, are you working on flat ground or in mountains or hills, do you pull long distances and does your pump run 15-20 minutes or hours at a time? We size pumps to fit the application.

    What is the corret RPM for my vacuum pump?

    For better performance and longevity of the pump it's important to run the pump at the correct RPM (revolutions per minute). Speeds vary between pump models, but most vacuum pumps are designed to run between 1100 and 1300 RPM. If you need assistance in determining the proper RPM for your pump you may call our sales technicians who can guide you.


    What is an oil catch muffler?

    An oil catch muffler is an accessory which reduces the noise of the vacuum pump and also captures used oil that is expelled from the pump. It's important to remember to empty your oil catch muffler every day after use.

    What is the purpose of a primary shut off?

    The purpose of a primary shut off is to provide a means to prevent over filling the vacuum tank, thereby protecting the vacuum pump from being flooded with the pumped liquid.

    What is the purpose of a secondary shut off?

    A secondary shut off (also called a scrubber or moisture trap) protects the pump from being flooded with the pumped liquid in the event of a failure in the primary shut off, making it a second line of protection for the pump.

    I have a 2" prinary and secondary shutoff. Can I use them with a pump having a 3" inlet and outlet?

    No! It will not allow enough CFMs to pass through the new pump to keep it cool nor will the pump be able to produce the CFMs it was manufactured for, causing the pump to overheat and burn up. Everything needs to be sized for CFMs for a longer pump life. We size pumps and components for free.

    Do I need a vacuum/pressure relief valve?

    Yes the vacuum relief allows cool air to flow through the pump while under heavy vacuum adding longer life and better performance. Pressure relief keeps you from blowing up the tank and using excessive pressure on the system.

    What is the best way to drive the pump: shaft right angle, belt & pulley, hydraulic or engine driven?

    Depends on the space available, application and weather conditions you are working in. Please contact us to discuss your options.


    How does a vacuum truck work?

    For truck applications, a vacuum pump evacuates air from the tank through the primary & secondary traps. The change-over valve on the pump can also be turned to redirect the airflow from the open atmosphere, through the pump and back through the primary and secondary traps in order to pressurize the tank to assist in off loading.

    Have more questions?

    Call us at 800-383-6304 (US only) or 412-787-8400 to speak to a pump expert who will be more than happy to help.

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