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    Moro USA DC 10 - Cast Iron Washdown Pump with SS Impeller


    The Moro USA DC 10– Cast Iron Washdown Pump with SS (Stainless Steel) Impeller is a premium addition to your septic pumper or portable restroom truck. Designed to allow you to quickly clean and fill portable restrooms and sinks, this heavy-duty 12 Volt 1HP DC washdown motor is built for power and lasting performance.

    These straight centrifugal pumps are well-suited for use in heavily damp and wet conditions. Mechanical shaft seals and Viton O-rings restrict water and keep your pump sealed and running smoothly. The 12-volt DC motor has stud connections for electrical hookup. Moro washdown pumps achieve a maximum delivery rate of 20 gallons per minute (GPM) and 42 PSI, which can be adjusted using your preferred hose nozzle or spray gun. These rugged washdown duty motors also include oversized brushes to extend the life of the motor.

    The DC 12-volt washdown pump’s robust housing is built from cast iron with epoxy coating to combat corrosion and rust. All Moro DC centrifugal washdown pumps are equipped with high-efficiency stainless steel impellers designed for precision and resilience. The closed design ensures the impeller won’t deform, bend, or break even in the toughest conditions.

    A carbon ceramic mechanical seal containing Viton O-rings forms a powerful barrier protecting the motor from the fluids in pump chamber. Viton is a synthetic rubber with high performance and durability. With excellent temperature handling, it keeps sealing when exposed to weather, oxidation, UV, fungus, and mold. Viton boasts chemical resistance to a range of fluids including water (up to 210 C/410 F), oils, and acids. With these winning characteristics, the carbon ceramic Viton mechanical seal offers superior endurance in the harsh extremes required of an industrial seal.

    Built to make your job easier, the Moro DC-10 12-volt washdown pumps have a one-inch threaded discharge located at the top of the unit for easy access that can be rotated in 90-degree increments to suit your needs. Each pump motor comes ready to be mounted to your septic/restroom truck or other support. Approach each job with confidence knowing your washdown pump is created from top-of-the-line materials designed and used by experts in the field.

    Products Also Required but Not Included:

    In-Line Circuit Breaker

    12 V Solenoid

    If installing new, consider purchasing our Moro USA - DC Cast Iron Washdown Pump with SS Impeller Kit.

    Pump Dimensions
    16.50" L x 8.75" W x 8.40" H
    Weight: 50 lbs.

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