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    Moro AC5T Vacuum Pump

    544 CFM, 14.5 PSI, 1100 RPM

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    The TURBO Series (fan cooled) vacuum pumps utilize dual-fan technology to drastically increase heat dissipation. These pumps are designed to be used in industrial applications that have varying capability requirements. Moro offers four separate TURBO Series pumps to meet these differing application needs.

    The TURBO Series vacuum pumps are crafted with a cast iron body to guarantee maximum reliability. Cast Iron is the most efficient material for releasing heat from the pump. The air intake and discharge are designed to reduce noise and heat production. The increase in the ability to handle heat has been improved upon by the introduction of two cooling fans. These fans assist in the cooling of the pump, allowing for longer pump time usage. The TURBO Series pumps are equipped with a special inspection port in the pump body, allowing a visual check of the equipment’s wear.

    The pumps in this series are built with high quality Kevlar vanes and high-heat-resistant Viton seals which results in better performance at high temperatures. The pump comes with the non-return and four-way valves integrated into the pump. The hose connection elbows are flanged and can be moved in any desired direction in accordance with the requirements of the vacuum pump usage.

    Moro AC5T Vacuum Pump produces a flow of 544 CFM.

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