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    3" Pressure/Vacuum Relief Tree Deluxe Kit

    The Moro USA 3” Pressure/Vacuum Relief Tree Deluxe Kit has a lot to offer. This kit is essential for regulating system vacuum and pressure. With a Vacuum/Pressure Gauge installed in the device, you will easily be able to adjust for your specific application in the field and get the job done effectively. This deluxe kit also includes a diesel flush kit complete with a remote reservoir, a hose, and a metering valve.

    Poly-Flow 4640 Series Cobra Water Jetting Hose

    The Poly Flow 4640 Jetting Hose has a working pressure of 4000 PSI, 10K burst. The tube is constructed with a polyester elastomer tube (green color), reinforcement is a polyester braid, cover is proprietary polyurethane(“Tuffskin”), cover color is green, non-perforated.

    The Poly Flow 4640 Jetting Hose is a reliable and durable choice for high pressure water cleaning, lateral sewer lines, and water jetting equipment, and other demanding applications. It is flexible, kink resistant, and highly resistant to cuts and abrasions. Its slim profile and light weight make it easy to handle.

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