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    Kaiser 4000i Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

    2354 CFM, 14.5 PSI

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    The Moro Kaiser KWP 4000i Liquid Ring Pump is a low weight liquid ring vacuum pump for suction and pneumatic conveyance of wet and dry material. This pump features 2354 CFM and 14.5 PSI.

    A water ring is built up inside the KWP housing by the centrifugal force generated by an offset impeller. Changes in volume cause air to be drawn into the impeller cells and compressed. This design ensures a low level of sensitivity to dirt particles. The non-contacting impeller ensures smooth running and a long service life. Our KWP does not produce any contamination caused by lubricants or oil in the air discharged by the pump.

    The light-weight construction of this equipment increases the vehicle’s useful load. Hosting an integrated intercooling system ensures a consistently low temperature for the service water. Even if this equipment is operating during high exterior temperatures, continuous operation is possible.

    kwp 4000i

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