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    Moro USA 4" Oil Catch Muffler

    Maximum 730 CFM


    Moro USA 4" muffler with side entry and elbow discharge.

    Innovative cleanable design of our oil catch muffler makes them one of the industry’s best with features not found in other brands. The air inlet located at the side of the muffler is positioned at an angle allowing more efficient centrifugal air flow and the removal of more debris and oil from the air flow.

    The cylindrical design of our oil catch muffler also reduces vibration and noise typically found in box-style mufflers. Inside the muffler, a wire mesh screen collects debris and oil preventing recycling used oil through pump and discharge into the surrounding area.

    Our muffler is also designed for quick and easy maintenance. The bottom pan of the muffler drops out allowing easy access for cleaning while a drain plug in the bottom makes fast work of draining oil.


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