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    Flange X 3" FNPT Manifold Adapter Kit

    For use with the AIR Series, PM70T, PM80T, & PM80W Pumps

    This Flange adapter kit is crafted for the following vacuum pumps: all AIR Series (models PM60A, PM70A, PM80A), the TURBO Series (models PM70T, PM80T, PM90T, PM150T, AC5T), and all WATER Series (models PM60W, PM80W, PM110W).

    Moro PM150T Vacuum Pump

    546 CFM, 29 PSI, 1100 RPM

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    Pump cooling efficiency is achieved with the introduction of the new PM150T in the Moro Turbo Series. Measured by lower operating cost, a longer pump time, and a longer pump life, this vacuum pump is for industrial applications requiring a superior performance at high temperatures.

    The Moro Vacuum Pumps are designed specifically for use on vacuum trucks for liquid waste application and deserve their reputation for simplicity, quietness, and reliability. The cast iron body efficiently release heat from the pump and the air intake and discharge are designed to reduce heat production and noise level.

    The dual fan-cooled vacuum pumps in the Turbo Series operate at a low rotating speed and have a long pump life. MORO has 65 years of history delivering best in class engineered pumps and technologies. This air-cooled vacuum pump with forced convection air cooling provides maximum reliability in performance and pump protection, passing a 20-point inspection.

    Providing continuous pumping ability, this pump is a workhorse with integrated features. Leading with a non-return and 4-way valves integrated in the pump, and a side-mounted stainless steel oil tank, applicable both on the RIGHT and on the LEFT side. (Remote oil tank option also available.) New forced continuous closed lubrication with a piston pump, the PM150T Turbo series vacuum pump can easily change rotation (CR or CCR) by exchanging the lubrication pump and means there is no reason to open the vacuum pump and replace parts, only the lubrication pump itself. Constructed with high quality Kevlar vanes and high heat resistant Viton seals that provide a better resistance to high temperatures and a longer life than traditional oil seals.

    The TURBO Series pumps are equipped with a special inspection port in the pump body for a visual check of the equipment’s wear at any time. This dual fan vacuum pump moves 546 CFM and 29 PSI and has a 4” flange. Weighing 529 pounds, this pump features built-in lifting hooks for ease of installation and safety and comes complete with drive shaft and port connections.

    Available with Remote Oil Reservoir


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