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    RIV 3" Tank Sight Eye Assembly


    The RIV 3” Tank Sight Eye Assembly lets you visually inspect fluid levels, appearance, and quality without disturbing the contents of your tank. Designed for use in septic vacuum and portable restroom trucks, tank sight eyes are versatile tools for industries that utilize tanks, pipes, and reservoirs.

    The RIV replacement tank sight eye assemblies can withstand a variety of harsh conditions. The three-inch diameter dome-shaped sight eye glass is essentially shatter-proof. Crafted from polycarbonate plastic that is 200 times more impact-resistant than glass, you won’t have to worry about your sight glass breaking. Polycarbonate also offers excellent tolerance to heat and temperature fluctuations and is chemically resistant against diluted acids, alcohols, oils, and greases.

    Housed in weldable steel, this durable tank sight glass is securely sealed with Neoprene O-rings. Known for its waterproofing qualities, Neoprene is not susceptible to weathering from oxygen, UV, and sunlight, and maintains good chemical stability when in contact with other chemicals. Neoprene also retains its flexibility over a wide temperature range making it less prone to cracking - keeping your sight glass assembly leak-proof for longer.

    Our ready-to-go septic tank sight eyes are engineered for strength and endurance. Whether you’re looking to replace your existing sight eye or wanting a time-saving alternative for fluid supervision, the RIV 3” sight glasses for tanks are a low-cost option that offers you the power of quality control without having to lift a finger.

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